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News & Recent  Events

Next Colonial Chapter Meeting

Sunday, March 20th, 1pm at

Shakey Jakes

134 Route 183

Stanhope, NJ 07874

From now on Spring/Summer meetings will be at: 

American Roadhouse

Fall/Winter meetings will be at: 

Shakey Jake's

Colonial Chapter Meetings

cool weather: Shakey Jakes, Stanhope, NJ

warm weather: American Spirits, Asbury, NJ

​       Upcoming Events !

Latest news:  

2021 National Meet has now been postponed until 2022due to the Warren County Fairgrounds still being closed because of the Wuhan Virus.  We will provide more info as it becomes available.  

We hosted a local Swap Meet on Sunday, June 27th at American Spirits in Asbury, NJ and it was a tremendous success. Looking forward to the even bigger event next year! 

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