"Enjoying the Preservation, Restoration, and Riding of Antique Motorcycles"

Vice President

George Derrick

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Colonial Chapter

Antique Motorcycle Club of America

New Jersey


Bob Venitelli

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Colonial Chapter

Antique Motorcycle Club

of America

​The Colonial Chapter was originally formed in 1982 as a regional subsidiary of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America, which is a national organization whose members are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of early motorcycles and motorcycle history. The Chapter was founded by a group of AMCA members living in the Northern New Jersey area, and serves to promote antique motorcycle activities within the region. We also are keenly interested in gathering together, and riding our early bikes as often as possible, as the Colonial Chapter is not just a club for old motorcycles, it is in fact a club for people who enjoy old motorcycles, and who like to hang out and have fun with others who share their passion. You do not have to own an Antique Motorcycle to join the Colonial Chapter, or the AMCA, all that is required is a genuine interest in early motorcycles and motorcycle history. Colonial Chapter membership is open to all AMCA members in good standing, so if you'd like to join the Colonial Chapter, or any other regional chapter, you must first join the National AMCA. F
or more information on the AMCA, or to join, visit their website at www.AntiqueMotorcycle.org.
Chapter meetings are held quarterly to report, discuss and plan Chapter activities. Meetings are open to all members and their families. Visitors and those interested in membership are also encouraged to attend. Meetings are currently held at 2 locations: American Spirits Roadhouse, 1090 Rt 173 Asbury, NJ 08802 for summer meetings and Shakey Jakes for winter meetings. We also publish a quarterly Newsletter, called the “Kicker” which contains important information regarding Chapter activities, members’ stories, and other information concerning antique motorcycles and motorcycle history.
The Colonial Chapter has had a long history of hosting National Antique Motorcycle Meets. We previously organized the Harmony NJ AMCA National for over two decades, then joined together with several AMCA chapters in neighboring states to co-host the northeast’s premier antique motorcycle event of the year, the Rhinebeck Grand National in Rhinebeck, NY, and starting in 2022, we will be going back to Harmony!
You can find additional information on the Colonial Chapter by exploring the various areas of our website, visiting out
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